Verdun - Douaumont Ossuary

Due to the nature of the fighting, in many cases it was not possible to recover the dead for a proper burial.  After the battle, the bones of 130,000 men, French and German, have been recovered and placed in the Douaumont Ossuary, 137 meters long.  On the hillside below are buried an additional 15,000 French.

This panorama shows one side of the cemetery, which extends beyond the bushes at left.  


A tower 46 meters tall is shaped like a shell.  For a fee, you can climb it and look over the battlefield.


Toward Ft Douaumont

Interpreting the panoramic views are drawings of the land with important features pointed out.  After the war, the area was "Red Zone", so littered with unexploded ordnance that it was allowed to grow up.  Because of this, it is difficult to identify the locations indicated.

Toward Museum / Fleury Station

Toward Verdun

Toward Germans

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