The American Revolution  The excellent A&E series from the mid 90s.



Waterloo  A significant portion of my youth was spent watching this movie, and for good reason.  Rod Stieger as Napoleon and Christopher Plummer as Wellington cannot be matched.  The battle scenes are unbelievable.  Best line: in desperation - "Don't you know me?!  I'm Ney, Ney, Marshal of France!"



Once Upon A Time in the West   The anti-western.  To critics it is slow and pretentious, but for the patient, it is as good as it gets.


Thunderball  He always runs while others walk, he acts while other men just talk, and he strikes - like Thunderball.


On Her Majesty's Secret Service  For a brief time in 1969, before he was married to Pam Shriver, George Lazenby WAS James Bond, and contrary to popular belief, a very good one.


Aqua Teen Hunger Force   Comedy beyond comprehension.



1999 Tour de France  After his amazing survival of cancer, this is Lance's first overall win in the Tour.  With a relatively weak team, Lance is forced to do most of the work himself, putting the smack down in the mountains.  From the amazing prologue win, to the slippery crash on an often submerged tidal road, then finally to the aggressive attacks in the mountains - this was a great tour.



2003 Tour de France  The centennial tour was one of the greats, with fate seeming to conspire to keep Lance from winning his fifth straight tour.  After surviving the savage attacks of Vinokourov, problems with dehydration, and narrowly avoiding Beloki's femur-smashing crash, Lance's hopes were nearly dashed when his handlebar entangled on a spectator's bag.  Determination won this epic tour. 


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