The Battle of the Clouds Part 2

3) Immaculata College

    This is the flatter ground on top of the ridge at Immaculata College, the location of the American center, probably the approximate location of Proctor's artillery.

Uphill From the Military Crest

Downhill From the Military Crest

4) Old Phoenixville Pike

    This is the view from the approximate position of the American right, probably the position of Stephen's division of Virginia troops.  Just down the hill was the Boot Tavern at an important intersection.  Knyphausen commanding around 5,000 Hessian and British troops was advancing on the American right.  American troops sent out to retard their advance temporarily got the better of the enemy and nearly captured Col. Carl von Donop, who was leading a column directly up this road.  Nevertheless, Donop gained control of the situation and joined Knyphausen's main column further west advancing up the Reading Road.

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