Fredericksburg - Jackson's Flank Part 2

December 13, 1862

Meade Attacks

     This is the view looking north along the railroad.  Meade's Federal division of 4,500 men with its left flank near the Pyramid, advanced into the swampy woods and up the ridge on the left of the picture.  Although much of the railroad was held by Rebel infantry, there was a 500 yard gap in the Confederate line at the very center of Meade's advance.

Gregg's Brigade

     Meade's division broke through the first Confederate line at the railroad and advanced through the swampy woods and up this hollow.  The Confederate second line was based on this road, then a Military Road, constructed solely for troop movements.  Gregg's Brigade held the line here against Meade's division, but it was under severe pressure.  Jubal Early's division came to the rescue, driving Meade back across the railroad and mounting an unsuccessful counterattack.         

NPS Artist's Conception

     This is an artist's conception of the fighting seen from Prospect Hill.  As Meade's division withdrew along with Gibbon's supporting division, the fighting along Jackson's front died down.  Jackson's plan for a twilight attack were found to be impractical.  Meade lost 1,853 of his 4,500 men while other Union units lost another 3,000 men.  Jackson lost about 3,400 of his 34,000 men. 

topo map   Prospect Hill is just east of the words "Fredericksburg-Spotsylvania."  The Ravine where Meade attacked Gregg's brigade is northwest of these words.

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