Pickett's Charge - Pettigrew/Trimble Approach - Part 2

6 Near Bliss Farm and Orchard

    In this nearly 360 degree panorama from Bliss orchard, you can see Seminary Ridge on either end and the low ground along the Confederates' path both before and after the Bliss farm.  Somewhere near here, the 8th Ohio attacked, and Brockenbrough's brigade broke.  As the Confederates advanced further, Union skirmishers harassed their left flank.

From Low Ground in Advance of the Bliss Orchard

    Taken from somewhat lower ground just in front of Bliss orchard, you can see that the ground to the right of the Bryan farm rises, blocking the view to the area beyond the Angle.  So beyond the Emmitsburg Road, it would have been impossible for Pettigrew and Trimble's men to see Pickett's men.


From Diagonal Fence

    In this side view of the Pettigrew/Trimble attack, you can see Seminary Ridge where the attack was launched, the low ground to its front, followed by higher ground at the Bliss farm, then lower ground, and finally rising ground to the Emmitsburg Road and beyond.  On the right you can see higher ground near the Codori farm which briefly sheltered Pickett's men.  At below right you can see the modern mowed trail toward the Angle.

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