Pickett's Approach - Part 2

14  From Opposite the Codori Farm

    This is the view from the higher ground on the Emmitsburg Road just west of the Codori Farm.  The Bryan Farm, roughly where Pettigrew's left flank would reach, is on the far right.  You can see here that from the NC monument where Pettigrew and Trimble began, the ground descends, rises to the Bliss farm, descends, and finally rises and levels off before reaching the Emmitsburg Road.

15  From South of the Codori Farm

    Cemetery Ridge is on the left side of the picture with a now much reduced thicket to its front.  A line of Union guns under Freeman McGilvery held Cemetery Ridge behind the thicket, and they would rake the Confederate attackers as they approached Cemetery Ridge.  As mentioned previously, a line of Confederate guns along Seminary Ridge pivoted near the Virginia monument and extended through the Klingle farm, just 8-900 yards from Cemetery Ridge, to the Peach Orchard - in a position to give a more effective oblique fire.  They had ignored McGilvery's guns to their front in favor of targets near the Copse of Trees.

    Pickett's men had advanced obliquely from either side of the Spangler farm and briefly took shelter behind the Codori farm's high ground to dress ranks before continuing the advance on either side of the farm.  Their goal, the Copse of Trees, is off the picture to the left - behind the farm building.

    You can see here that the Emmitsburg Road is on a low ridge between Cemetery and Seminary Ridges.  It was the lure of this feature that had brought Sickles' III Corps forward from Cemetery Ridge the day before.   

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