Links to Excellent Military History Pages

Battlefield Anomalies  Discussions of several battles.  Including battlefield photos.  Don't miss Fontenoy.  Good selection of the world's castles and palaces.

Napoleonic and Revolutionary Wars  Numerous articles and tactical discussions. 

Napoleon Series  One of the best military history sites on the internet, this site has interesting articles and virtual tours of Waterloo, Austerlitz, Borodino, and many sites on the Peninsula and in Northern Italy.

Fortress Ring  One of the best military history webrings.  It includes Vauban, Gulf Coast forts, and Maginot Line sites.

Balkan Military History  A very good collection of articles, photos, recommended books, and travel advice.

H.M.S. Warrior  The world's first ironclad.  Part of the War Times Journal.

An Unfortunate Region  This excellent WW I site has trench and battlefield photos, including aerial ones, of the Western Front, Gallipoli, and the Italian Front.

World War I Poets on the Battlefield  Some good battlefield photos are shown. 

Roanoke World War II Roundtable  Meetings feature veterans recounting their experiences.

Kriegmarine Of The Reich  Information on the German U boats of WWII - development history, combat service, technical data and photos.

Luft '46  Features futuristic German weapons under development in World War II.

Fighter  Fighter Combat International in Mesa, Arizona USA offers the "Flight of a Lifetime" through exciting adventures in air combat and aerobatics for individuals, teams and groups  Roanoke news reporter David Tate's website on the conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Osprey Publishing  Has online articles from the new Osprey Military Journal.



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