Lord Leycester's Hospital


    Robert Dudley, Earl of Leycester, bought former guild buildings in Warwick in 1571 in order to form a home for aged and disabled veterans and their wives.  A Master looked after twelve brethren, or veterans.   Authorized by Queen Elizabeth, a "friend" of Dudley, the hospital survived under its original charter until the 1950s, when it was reorganized and refurbished, then reopened in the 1960s by another Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother. 

    Part of the facility, the West Gate on the left of the picture, was built atop part of the Warwick city walls, and it is the great dining hall.  In a arch below the leaning section of the building is a horseman.  He was involved with a BBC filming at the time of my visit which temporarily shut down this historical attraction.


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