War Memorial Museum

Korea's War Memorial Museum is one of the finest museums I have seen.  The country's military history from the earliest times to the present is covered.  Every Korean schoolchild is required to visit the museum.  Most of them are learning English and are eager to practice.  After meeting a group of children inside, they offered me part of their picnic lunches as I toured the outside exhibits.


Drill  arranged especially for the group of veterans.

To the 1590s

Hideyoshi or Imjin War of the 1590s

Turtle Ship of the Imjin War

Choson Weaponry from Imjin War to the late 1800s.  With rockets and arrow cannon.

Suwon City Walls  a Korean/Western design of the 1790s.

Korean War to Present

Vehicles  From the late 1800s to the present.



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