Kyongbokkung Palace

Tower on Folklife Museum

Carved Poles to Keep Away Evil Spirits

Traditional Korean House

Traditional Korean House

Palace Brick Wall

Many engaged couples come to the palace to have pictures taken.

Engaged Couple



Sign For Chimney

The chimneys are beside the building because the fireplace heats the floor. 

North Korean infiltrators crossed this mountain to try to assassinate the ROK President.

Willard and John Hamill.  Thank you, Mr. Bliss.

Ladies in Traditional Costume

Soap Opera Actors

This could be the 1590s except for the water bottle and treaded shoes.

Soap Opera Star

"Why do the Americans love me?  It must be the hat."

Procession for the soap opera.

Palace Walls Gate

Map and palace explanation

Detail of Map

Tour Map

Famous Soap Opera Actress who plays a 1590s concubine.  Its good to be the king.

Willard Hamill and Famous Soap Opera Actress

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