Perryville - Part 3

October 8, 1862

The Cornfield

    Terrill's brigade fell back from Parson's Ridge to Starkweather Hill, passing through the 21st Wisconsin in ten foot high corn between the two hills.  (This is the area visible between the camera and the road in front of Starkweather Hill.)  Facing the Confederate advance from Parson's Ridge, and with supporting fire from the hill behind them, the Wisconsin men fired twice and fell back, being threatened in their front and flanks.  The regiment lost half its men during the battle.  Several other units defending Starkweather Hill would lose an equal percentage. 

Starkweather's Hill

    After dealing with the 21st Wisconsin in the Cornfield, the Confederates of Maney's and Stewart's brigades continued the attack toward this hill.  Starkweather's brigade and twelve guns defended the area, and were the only thing between the rebels and the wagon train, as Terrill's brigade and 21st Wisconsin had fled through them.

    Maney's attack killed most of gunners, but the Confederate brigade fell back by mistake.  The Confederates attacked twice more, with Stewart's men across road in the area visible in the center of the picture, and with the aid of Carnes' battery enfilading the Union left, they captured Starkweather Hill.  The Yankees fell back to next hill, a steeper and more defensible area they successfully defended until the end of the battle.

    Maney's brigade, which had attacked Parsons' Ridge, Starkweather Hill, and the hill beyond it, lost 40% of its men during the battle. 

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