Pickett's Charge Part 2


Confederate View From Emmitsburg Road

     The brigades of Garnett and Kemper with Armistead in support reached and crossed this fence along the Emmitsburg Road.  Once they crossed, they momentarily halted to dress ranks.  This is what Garnett and Armistead's men would have seen.  To the right of the picture is the Copse of Trees, which was the focal point of the attack.  The tree to the left center of the picture was the site of the Angle where the 71st Pa. and Cushing's battery defended a small stone wall slightly in front of the main line.  The supporting line was at a low stone wall on the crest of the ridge.  


The Angle

     This is the view from the supporting Union line toward the Angle.  The trees in the distance mark Seminary Ridge, where the attack was launched.  Also visible is the Emmitsburg Road, crossed by the advancing Rebels.  After dressing ranks, the attackers pressed on, now exposed to canister shot in addition to roundshot and shrapnel.

     At about 100 yards, the Union infantry opened fire, but about 150 brave men of Armistead's brigade reached the angle, pushed back the 71st Pa., and took Cushing's guns in hand-to-hand combat.

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