Pizza Hut

Coming back to Seoul from Kumhwa we stopped for lunch at Uijongbu.  A few of us went to the Pizza Hut.  American fast food costs about the same in Korea, and Pizza Hut is more expensive than at home, possibly because of the cheese.  At a Lotteria, I had paid about a dollar for two cheese sticks.

I ordered the small size pizza, which is recommended for one or two people.  It ended up as a personal pan size at most, not nearly enough for me.  Fortunately, our fellow group members let me eat their scraps.  On a related note, there are very few overweight Koreans.  On the second page of the menu, note the "Customer Satisfaction Set" and remember 1,200 won equaled a dollar.  That comes to $24 to $27.

Our waitress didn't know much English but helped us as best she could.  I tried to ask if I could take her picture.  I don't think she wanted me to as Koreans tend to be modest.


Our Waitress.

The front of the place.

The menu. Page 1.

The menu. Page 2.

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