Second Manassas - Part 3

August 30, 1862


Jackson's Line

     This is the view from the main Union line toward Jackson's line along the Unfinished Railroad.  On August 29th and 30th, Union troops had advanced into these woods in several unsuccessful attacks.  Now, Jackson had the opportunity to attack and tie down Union troops needed to stop Longstreet.  With discretionary orders from Lee, and perhaps for other reasons, Jackson waited too long, and Union troops were shifted to Chinn Ridge and Henry House Hill.  Union artillery on Dogan's Ridge could have been attacked by Jackson, but it was instead allowed to fire on, and be instrumental in repulsing Hood's attack on Chinn Ridge.  So had Jackson attacked, and had Longstreet's men been successful on Chinn Ridge earlier, then perhaps the Union army would have been destroyed.  

From Henry House Hill

     This is the view of, and from, Henry House Hill, famous for the first battle of Manassas.  The Stone House is toward the right, as is Buck Hill and Matthews Hill.  Pope's main army had been on Dogan's Ridge, and artillery fire from here had halted Hood's attack on Chinn Ridge, not really visible here, but beyond the Sudley Road.  While the fighting on Chinn Ridge was raging, Pope formed a new line along the base of Henry House Hill.  These troops defended the Manassas-Sudley Road from the Stone House through and beyond the wooded area to the left-center of the panorama.  Reynolds' Division of Meade's and Seymour's brigades defended the area near the Henry House while Milroy's brigade defended the road closer to the modern visitors' center.  In desperate fighting along this line, Pope's army was saved.  


Manassas-Sudley Road

   These are views from the Manassas-Sudley Road where Meade's, Seymour's, and Milroy's brigades were posted.  Benning's brigade of D.R. Jones' Confederate division attacked this position from Chinn Ridge.  The Confederates advanced across open fields and became disordered, but advanced to within 80 yards of the Union line.  The rebels were subjected to rifle fire as well as canister from three batteries on Henry House Hill but did not fall back.


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