Town and Country,

well mostly town.

Most of these pictures are from Seoul or the surrounding area.  During the war, Seoul was mostly rubble, but now 11 million people live there, and most of them own a car.  We found people's driving to be quite entertaining.  People on motorcycles and scooters would weave in and out of traffic, between lanes, and on the sidewalk.  Almost all the cars were Korean made.  We saw a Corvette, a Ford Taurus, and a BMW, but that's about it for foriegn cars.


A common sight.

How do they do it?

Behind him you can see a pushcart.

A Korea Telecom employee using a company product.

School bus in the morning - in the Land of the Morning Calm!

New construction.

An odd building.

Buildings in Yongdongpu, the new trendy area.

Looking back across the Han to South Mt.

Parliament Building.

His name isn't Steve Tailor, but he is a tailor, and you can call him Steve.

Steve helps veterans select fabric for custom suits.

Korean grandfather clocks are shorter with different styling.

Some interestingly styled furniture.

Amythest at an amethyst factory.

We came in the amythest factory in the "in way" and out the "out way." 

Esso station in Uijongbu.

A kid on a bike at the museum near new Chorwon.

The new town of Chorwon.  By George McGinn.

Peddling leather goods in new Chorwon.  By George McGinn.

Meeting the colonel in the Inchon airport.  Taken by Paul Sakrekoff.

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