Inner Defenses Area Part 2


N) Redan

    Redoubt 4 is on the slope on the left of the picture, and we will see it later.  Conway's reconstructed huts are also visible just to the right of my car.  The building on the ridge to the right of the huts is the Washington Memorial Chapel, which was built to commemorate the general and the encampment.  The guns and earthwork in the center marks the location of a redan, an outwork in front of the main line further back on Mount Joy, which you can see extend southward on the right of the picture.  The white rectangle above the redan is the National Memorial Arch, where the Gulph Road crosses the outer defensive line.

O) Redoubt 4 

    The road on the left half of the picture is Rt. 23 atop the east-west ridge above the Schuylkill.  You can see that the spur off of Mount Joy, where this picture was taken, is connected with this ridge. 

     Redoubt 4 was another outwork in front of the north end of the inner line.  It is shown here in reconstructed form, but at the time it was made of earth filled wickerwork baskets with other wooden materials, just like all the other earthworks.  Unfortunately, our touring here is disturbing some locals.  A young couple who had hoped for some privacy can be seen in the fort, but only the shoes of one member of another couple can be seen at the bottom of the picture to the right.  It's a shame when people appreciating historical sites get in the way of love, because without love, we'd run out of people..

    In the center of the picture you can see the reconstructed huts of Conway's brigade immediately before the the historical road trace marked by the line of trees.  The corner created by Rt. 23 and the parking lot was the location of Huntington's brigade.  The vast open area is the Grand Parade where Steuben trained the army, and you can barely make out the National Memorial Arch and Wayne's Woods on the outer line. 

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