American Armored Personnel Carriers



Halftrack mounted armored infantry didn't have the mobility to keep up with the tanks they were supposed to protect.  The Canadians had successfully improvised armored personnel carriers by removing the turrets from tanks, and in June 1944, the Americans modified a couple of M-18 tank destroyers as troop carriers.  In 1945, the vehicles were introduced as the M-39 as a more permanent solution.  Unfortunately, the vehicle was too late to see much combat use.



The M-75 was introduced in 1952 and was used late in the Korean War.  It could carry a driver, commander, and ten infantry.  Due to its $100,000 cost per vehicle, production only lasted until 1954.  The vehicles could carry ten infantrymen, and over 1,700 were built.



Introduced in 1955 and in production until 1960, it was a less costly alternative to the M-75.  The M-59 is the predecessor of the M-113, and is slightly larger.


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