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Below are some of the tanks and armored fighting vehicles on display at the US Army Ordnance Museum at Aberdeen Proving Grounds in Maryland and at the Patton Museum at Ft. Knox, Kentucky.  

World War I Era Tanks

German Tanks  The Panzer I to the Leopard I

French Tanks of World War II   

British Tanks  

Churchill Crocodile

Japanese Tanks Of World War II   

Eastern Block Armor  World War II to the 1950s

South Korean K-1  view top of turret - from Return to Korea Vehicles section


American Armored Fighting Vehicles of the World War II Era







M-22 Locust   

M-24 Chaffee


M -2


M-3 Grant / Lee

M-4 Sherman



M-26 Pershing


T-29, T-30, and T-34

American Tank Destroyers of World War II

Self-Propelled Artillery

M-7 Priest

M-12 and M-37  


American Armored Personnel Carriers  World War II to the 1950s


American Post War Experimental Vehicles  

American Post War Vehicles  

M-41 Tank and M-42 Duster






M-551 Sheridan

MBT-70 and XM-803  A cancelled US-German tank project 

Sgt. York  The failed anti-aircraft program


M-2 Bradley  The modern infantry fighting vehicle

XM-1 Abrams and Grizzly Mine-Clearing Vehicle




Allied Incompetence  in World War II  


Military History Bookstore with Book Reviews   An extensive selection of good books.

Operation Barbarossa - by Nigel Askey  This series of books is very well researched, insightful, and myth busting.   Volume 1 explains how a simulation of the war works, and the author argues that the need to quantify rather than describe with words makes for a much better analysis of the combatants.  By necessity there are a number of mathematical formulas, but for readers who have forgotten most of the math that they learned in school, the text does a great job in explaining the concepts.  Concepts are important, and although there is a great deal of data in these books, the concepts, analysis, and conclusions are given the attention that they deserve.

Detailed data is presented, including great nuggests of information, but the data is analyzed so that the reader understands why it is important.  Interestingly, for example, the Soviets' relative lack of radios and vehicles made their artillery much less effective, even in defense, simply because coordination with the front line was so difficult.  Data shows that airstrikes were less effective than often presented, and anti-aircraft guns were more effective.  Although the T-34 is often proclaimed as the best tank of World War II, things like gun size and sloped armor were less important than turret design, fire control, and radios - all weaknesses of the T-34 - so the much maligned Sherman tank was better than the T-34.  The Soviets equipped their elite tank units with Shermans when they became over the vaunted T-34.  Footnotes can be revealing also; in one, we are told that in wargames of a potential 1945 war between the Soviets and the Western Allies, the Western Allies usually win.

The books even go into neglected areas like wagons, trucks, special forces, bridges, and trains.  Although German defeat is sometimes blamed on the need to change the gauge of the railroads, the author shows that this is not the case.  Overall, this series of books will give you great insight and understanding of the war and of the German army.  I expect future books in the series to be of the same quality.  

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