American Post War Experimental Vehicles


Based on the M-48 chassis, the T-54 featured a GE/Martin Marietta fire control system and an electric auto loader for the M-55 120mm gun, which could fire eight rounds per minute.



Intended as a replacement for the M-41 and abandoned in favor of the M511 Sheridan, the unique T-92 was to be air transportable.  Two prototypes were built.  Mounting a WWII era 76mm gun in a low profile cleft turret, the T-92's engine was in the front of the vehicle, making it a compact design with cramped crew conditions.  A rubber bushing suspension was used in lieu of a more typical torsion bar design.  The vehicle was found to be inferior to its predecessor, and the program was cancelled in 1959.


T-97 155 mm Self Propelled Gun

Although the "T" designation vehicle is shown here, the M-53, a self propelled 155mm gun developed from it, was developed from it.  The M-53 was used primarily by the Marines in Vietnam and during the 1970s, and many of the vehicles were given 8 inch guns and re-classed the M-55.

T-249 Vigilante SP AA Vehicle

Mounting a 37 mm rotary cannon on a long M-113 chassis, the Vigilante program was cancelled in the early 60s in favor of a vehicle mounting guided missiles.  This program failed, and the army then adopted the M-163 with a 20mm rotary cannon.


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