Cross Keys and Port Republic

June 8-9, 1862


     After Jackson's victory at McDowell, Union troops in the Shenandoah Valley retreated north to Strasburg.  Jackson moved back into the Valley to New Market, then east across the Massanutten Mountains into the Luray Valley where he joined Ewell's division.  Together, they advanced north, destroying a Union force at Front Royal and nearly cutting off Banks' retreat to Winchester.  Jackson struck again at Winchester and gained another great victory.  With Confederates now advanced as far north as Harper's Ferry, Lincoln ordered Fremont's force from west of the Alleghenies and McDowell's corps from east of the Blue Ridge to move into the Valley in order to cut off and destroy Jackson.  Only through hard marching was Jackson able to escape, withdrawing all the way to the southern end of the Shenandoah Valley to save his men.  At Port Republic, he gave his men a hard earned rest.


Port Republic - Union Raid Into Town  June 8, 1862  

Cross Keys  June 8, 1862  

Port Republic  June 9, 1862  


Massanutten Mountain and the Site of the Ambush of the 8th NY


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