Dover Castle Part 3


Looking Toward the Constable's Gate

    The Constable's Gateway was constructed in the 1220s to replace the vulnerable gate at Norfolk Towers.  You can see that the towers projecting beyond the walls are protected by flanking fire from the towers along the wall.  The barbican on the right third of the picture gives further protection, and a caponier was built in the early 1800s to link it with the rest of the castle.  Not visible here, a bastion was also built beyond the barbican.

From the Caponier to Fitzwilliam Gate

    This is the view looking east to Fitzwilliam Gate.  In the early 1800s, the bridge across the moat at Fitzwilliam Gate was redesigned with the caponier you can see in the distance to provide additional firepower along the moat.


Fitzwilliam Gate From the Inside

 When it was built in the 1220s, the Fitzwilliam Gate had living quarters above.

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