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Civil War Preservation Trust  Many of the battlefields on this webpage are threatened with development.  The CWPT is an organization dedicated to saving battlefields for posterity, and they need your help.

Civil War Interactive  History with an attitude.

Study of the Civil War  Yahoo group frequented by both well known historians and regular people.

Civil War   A free and friendly Civil War community.

The CW Artillery Page  Lots of info on an important but neglected branch.

The American Civil War Homepage  The best list of Civil War links in existence.

Shotgun's Home of the American Civil War  Numerous articles, an excellent resource.

Southern History  With numerous articles, including Civil War related.

King Lincoln Archive  A Libertarian view of Lincoln.  A controversial site.

The History Broker  Specializes in Civil War era photographs.  The owner is author of The Book on Cloyds Mountain. 

American Civil War - Your History Site on the Web  A good school resource.

The American Civil War at Foto Search


Battlefield Links

Civil War Journey  Civil War Journey is a personalized group tour that makes the Civil War relevant for today. It transports you through the battlefields, hearing the voices, experiencing the history, enjoying the camaraderie. These learning vacations are stimulating, yet relaxing and personally inspiring.  Includes tours of  Port Republic and Piedmont battlefields.

3rd Georgia  Shows locations of this regiment in the major battles in the East, including some lesser seen locations.

The Civil War Album  Quality virtual tours of many fields.

Quantam Tour  High quality tours include some CW sites, including Forts Pulaski, McAllister and Jackson.

U. S. Civil War Photographs  Over 400 photos of Army of Northern Virginia battlefields.

Grand Old Richmond in the War for Southern Independence  Includes post war and modern panoramas.

First Manassas Virtual Tour  NPS site with battlefield photos and explanations.  

Battle of Mill Springs  Includes a virtual tour of this Kentucky battlefield.

CW Gazette  Civil War Gazette 

Gettysburg NPS Virtual Tour  Excellent photos - including aerial ones.

Battle of Gettysburg Resource Center  Includes many excellent photos.

Sickles' Hole  Useful quality photographs of Gettysburg battlefield.

Behind The Stonewall  360 degree images of Gettysburg and other battlefields.

Antique Gettysburg Guidebook  Unique photos from the early 1900s.  Check out Cemetery Hill, the Second Day, the Third Day, and Cemetery Ridge from West Confederate Ave.


Battles, Campaigns, Maps, and Tour Guides

Maptech  Includes modern and old topographic maps.

Terra Server  You can search for aerial views of battlefields.

Civil War Trails  An excellent series of roadside stops of Civil War sites.

Center of  Military History  Online staff rides, guided tour books, now including Second Manassas, Cedar Creek, and New Market. 

Campaign for Western Va.  part of the Shenandoah 1863 Civil War Museum.

The Battle of Lewisburg  Explains this largely forgotten West Virginia battle.  

Antietam on the Web  Includes excellent maps.

Virginia NPS Tours  Includes links to touring info on some important but lesser known battlefields - from the impressive Fredericksburg/Spotsylvania NPS website.   

Cumberland Gap  Explains the importance of the Gap in the war.

CWSAC Battle Summaries  Extensive list of battles with additional information. 

All American  Photos of battlefields for sale, including aerial ones. 

Other Links

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Civil War Bookstore with Reviews    My favorite Civil War books and a few others.

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