Fort Stedman - Part 2

March 25, 1865

From Behind Union Lines

On the far right of the picture is Fort Stedman.  After taking the fort, Confederate troops advanced along Union lines, taking a battery and continued down the ravine toward Fort Haskell, visible on the left of the picture.

Fort Haskell

     Union troops rallied in Fort Haskell.  The fort was so packed with Yankees it was difficult to move around, but the Federals repulsed all attacks.  On the right of the picture you can see the small valley that separates this fort from Fort Stedman, which is on the hill on the far right. 

Union Counterattack

     By 7 A.M., the Confederate attack was stalled, and the Union reserve division of Brig. Gen. Hartranft was beginning to counterattack.  This is an artists conception of the counterattack on display at the battlefield.  Fort Stedman was quickly retaken and Confederate troops retreating back to their lines took heavy losses.

     Union losses in the action were 1,044 killed, wounded, and captured, but an additional 1,000 men were lost when the confident Yankees attacked later in the day.  Confederate losses are estimated at 2,600 to 4,000 men.  Although this attack had great potential, it end up being the last gasp of Lee's army.  Five Forks was just six days away. 

topo map  Fort Stedman is located in the area marked "breastworks" north of the large letters "PETERSBURG."  Fort Haskell is the breastwork further south along the road.


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