Warwick Castle - Part 2

From Atop the Gatehouse

    Once known as the Watergate Tower, the structure just to the left of Mound is now known as the Ghost Tower because it is supposedly haunted by Sir Fulke Greville, who was murdered by his servant.  (The murder took place in London, but the ghost decided to take the long journey home rather than bother the busy people of London.)  Further left is the mass of buildings perched atop the cliff used as living quarters, which is now an extensive exhibit including many wax figures.  To the right of the Mound is Bear Tower.

From the Mound

Guy's Tower, the Gatehouse, Caesar's Tower, and the residential buildings are all visible from high atop the mound.

From Caesar's Tower

The Gatehouse, protected by the Barbicon, hides much of Guy's Tower.  The Mound and the residential buildings are on the left.

River Avon

The remains of an old bridge can be seen as well as its modern replacement.

Tourist Exit

Stables and Town




Peacock Wondering What All the Fuss is About

The late 1400s - Times, they were a changin'.

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