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     Thank you for visiting the website.  My name is John Hamill, and I live in Roanoke, Virginia.  For twenty years I was an investment broker, but now my sole occupation is operating the Hamill Christmas Tree Farm, a choose and cut farm within city limits.  In addition to my military history interest, I am a recreational cyclist.  I am not a professional historian or researcher, only an enthusiast fascinated by military history since elementary school.  Starting with an interest in submarines, I soon became interested in the Revolutionary War which, in turn, led to an interest in the Civil War and eventually to almost all history.  I earned a double major in Economics and Finance and a minor in History at Virginia Tech in 1995.  Since then, I have been reading between 20 and 50 military history books each year for about 20 years.  None of this makes me an expert, and errors do exist.  Please bring any to my attention.

     I am a member of the Roanoke World War II Roundtable, and I sometimes make presentations to the group.  I have had the opportunity to visit many battlefields and historic sites, some with the Roanoke Civil War Round Table, of which I am a member.  Fields of battle are not like other places; they are made special by men's sacrifices.  A battle cannot be properly understood without seeing where it was fought.  The battlefield photographs presented are intended to show the lay of the land and make the battles understandable; many of the photos are panoramic and show the land much better than a single snapshot.  Terrain has an enormous impact on battles, and battles change the course of history.

If you want to send me a message on Facebook, I can be found at john.a.hamill.

Due to an enormous amount of spam, my e-mail address is not hot linked, but I can be contacted at 'tanker44_99 at yahoo.com'.


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