Unsolicited and Fake Awards

    What's the purpose of having a website without awards?  At least that seems to be the opinion of some webmasters.  Most internet awards require the webmaster to fill out an application.  The awards below, however, were completely unsolicited, and are genuinely appreciated as a result.  Although not an award, vanity requires me to disclose that this website has been mentioned in the Travel section of the November 5, 2002 Wall Street Journal and has also been complimented by my Congressman as well as an actual retired history professor!  Pvt. L Richburg of the 2nd South Carolina Rgt in Charlestown SC has also awarded the Revolutionary War page with his prestigious "Enjoyed By" award.  Also not an award, photos displayed on this website have or will be been published in "America's Civil War" magazine, "Mysteries" magazine, "The Time Team Guide to the Archeological Sites of Britain and Ireland", and Dorling Kindersley's "Ship: The Epic Story of Maritime Adventure" by Brian Lavery as well as "Battle".  I feel, therefore, that I can safely award myself the Top 95% of the Web Award.  The Carpal Tunnel and Duck Tape awards are also deserved considering the large size and confused organization of the site.  In addition to feeding the webmaster's ego, the links from this awards page to the major sections of the website will raise the website's visibility to search engines and therefore increase the number of viewers.





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