Links to Korean War Websites

Outpost Harry Survivors Association  Includes wartime remembrances and photos, many in color and including some of Chorwon and miscellaneous shots of Korea and Japan. 

Outpost Harry Project  In memory of the Greek Expeditionary Force in Korea.

2nd Infantry Div. Veterans Alliance  with pictures and maps.

Belgian Bn in Korea  defended Boomerang in April '53 when attached to the 3rd Division.  I have heard only good things about the Belgian Bn. from American vets.

Chat-Kol  From the Belgian website.  Chat-Kol was Boomerang.  Recommended for the Medal of Honor for actions at Boomerang.

Bob Ryan's Page  Author of "Crimson Imjin", an excellent account of his experiences, wounding, and recovery

The French Bn in Korea  Includes history, photos, and maps.  The webmaster,  the son of a French veteran, is seeking information on his father's pictures and the the French Bn.  

Imjin Buddy Bunker  OPs Kelly and Nori.

Weapons  of the Korean War.

Jets and Aircraft of the Korean War

US Army Center of Military History  online official histories, brochures, photos, and art. 

Sacrificial Lamb of the Cold War  online book by a Korean who served in intelligence. 

Kilroy Was Here  Includes World War II and Korea.

The Korean War Project  includes casualty lists. 

Society of the Third Division  An extensive site which includes veterans' photos and an online version of their newsletter.

The 7th Regt. Association  The Cottonbalers.

Links to Post-War Related Websites

California Pacific Tours  Arranges veteran's tours, including the 3rd Div. tour we did.   Gives good information on modern Korean culture and US/Korean relations.

GI Korea Blog  Korea from the viewpoint of a current American soldier.

Korean Truthes Exposed  With extensive links to little publicized Korean news. 

Life in Korea  photos of tourist destinations. 

Panmunjom  Photos of the Joint Security Area from the 70s.

2nd Infantry Div. Museum Flood 

Modern NK People's Army Study Guide


Links to Korean News

Korea Herald

Korean Now  

Other Links

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Bills's Whitewater Page  my brother's page  

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