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Miscellaneous Virtual Tours

Castillo de San Marcos and Fort Matanzas   St. Augustine, Florida     

Mission San Luis    

Fort King George   Georgia  

Fort Frederica and Bloody Marsh   Georgia   

Fort Necessity

Louisbourg  NEW!

Fort Ligonier

Fort Pitt

Fort Dobbs     

Fort Loudoun     

Fort Toulouse     

Michilimackinac  An early fort in Michigan

Mackinac  A War of 1812 era fort in Michigan

Fort McHenry   September 13, 1814    

New Orleans  January 8, 1815

Fort Washington    

Fetterman Fight  December 21, 1866 - with photos by Chris Marks    

Little Big Horn  June 25, 1876



1066: The Year of the Conquest  a book review.   

The Armada  Difficulties and Blunders.

Stormtrooper Tactics of World War I  

Aircraft Carrier Tactics of World War II  

The Falklands War  an essay about the 1982 naval and air war.


By Donald E Vandergriff

Preparing Leaders for Auftragstaktik (Mission Tactics): A Historical Analysis of the German Army 1809-1945   

Officers Briefing  with historical comparisons among armies   

Misinterpretation and Confusion: What is Mission Command and Can the US Army Make It Work?    

Essays by Romulus Hillsborough, editor of Samurai History Journal

Yoshida Shoin: The Archetype of Japanese Revolutionaries 

Sakamoto Ryoma: The Indispensable "Nobody"      

Katsu Kaishu: The Man Who Saved Early Modern Japan  


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